ACT OF THE TABLE- part 2: the installation

Our focus for our more recent performances is on redefining the definition of the dinner table and connecting and comparing the kitchen to the studio to create a "family space" where collective labor is performed.

We have changed the structure of our events to have multiple parts in order to engage the audience in multiple ways. While the hot shop performance is compiled of many events happening one right after another the installation allows for physical engagement from the audience with a slower more intimate pace creating a place for conversation.


For each performance we create a menu. Much of the food that is prepared is cooked with hot glass and then given to our kitchen which is also on stage. The food is then either served or added to our installation that the audience is invited to engage at the end of the performance.

ACT OF THE TABLE part 1- the performance

This post shows images from the live performance of "Act of the Table" performed at Urban Glass in Brooklyn NY. This new series of work involves changing our structure of the performance to have two aspects- the performance and an interactive installation.


Burnt Asphalt visits San jose

In April 2014 we presented a small performance at the Bay Area Glass Institute in San Jose in collaboration with the talented students from San Jose State University's Glass Program run by Cassandra Straubing. In a short couple of days we teamed up with the students and local community and presented a live event that involved 6,000 sporks, multiple abandoned shopping carts, a beautiful wooden keg donated from the brewery next door, 4,000 cocktail umbrellas and many wonderful people including Joan Phillips and Lisa Willmes and Maribel Martinez-Willmes. Joan inspired us through her amazing energy and personality and Lisa and Maribel handed over their kitchen along with stories and many laughs.  Below are a couple of pictures from this magical time in San Jose.