Cocktail Party- Urban Glass

"Cocktail Party" was performed as a fund raiser for Urban Glass. Even though it was not a full performance we were able to add our flare to the event.


Pumpkin Tower

Pumpkin Tower performed for "Holiday Special" at The University of Louisville, KY

“Holiday Special” was a collaboration between The Burnt Asphalt Family and the glass students at The University of Louisville, KY in 2008. Erica Rosenfeld and Jessica Jane Julius went to visit as Visiting Artist and Artist in Residence and collaborated to create a performance for the public. We showed the public how to make food fast for the holidays. It included baked apples with melted chocolate and whipped cream, a shrimp boil, fried chicken, popcorn, and shrimp wrapped bacon. Special thanks goes to Che Rhodes- Head of the Glass Department, to the wonderful energetic students, and the Sutherland Artists-in-Residence program.