"TV Dinner" Corning NY

This performance was presented during the Glass Art Society Conference in 2009 at The Studio in Corning NY.

Family Members- Erica Rosenfeld, Jessica Jane Julius, Sara Gilbert, Maret Sarapu, Sam Geer, Skitch Manion, Emma Salamon, Dena Pengas, Deborah Czersko, Leo Tecosky, Adam Holtzinger, Hope Rovelto, Kathy McHoes, Josh Eigo, Walter Zimmerman, Laura Donefer

Extended Family Members- Eddie Bernard, Brian Kibler, Lynn Reed, Amanda Briede, Lindsay Elyse, Abby Freeman, Jessica Amarnek, Kieran Kuschke, Alex Lozier, Erik Fryer, Amy Ritter, Emily Mcbride

Saturday morning 10:00am The Burnt Asphalt Family began to put on their 6th event, “TV Dinner”. The Corning studio was transformed to resemble a 1950’s decorated living room, consisting of a leather recliner that was turned into a glassblowing bench, old TVs, vintage couch cushions, hanging lamp shades, and more. Once Eddie Bernard gave the introduction, the music started and the show began. About 20 people entered the floor dressed in 1950’s attire. Erica Rosenfeld, Jessica Jane Julius, Maret Sarapu, and Sara Gilbert, the original summer 07 Wheaton fellows, each came out and lit a lamp shade on fire, it had begun. Through the months of planning, building, and practice the next hour and 20 minutes was an accumulation of organizing 20 people to cook a TV dinner meal using glass and glass equipment while also creating performative, inventive, or symbolic ways of using glass. Using 4 benches, 2 furnaces, a ladle station, prep table, and servers, The Burnt Asphalt Family cooked and served popcorn, deviled eggs, breakfast sausage, mixed vegetable with herb flavored butter, buttermilk fried chicken, steak, and apple cobbler. Mixed between each dish were performative acts such a Kool-Aid explosion, a glass Saran wrapped tray of food, and ending with a flaming tower of televisions that were playing TV footage from the 50’s.

*We would like to extend special thanks to Eddie Bernard, Harry Seaman, and Brian Kibler for helping make this performance possible.